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Friday, December 16, 2016

Take the Trip. Make the Memories While You Can.

When the kids are young, and often budgets are tight, it might not seem possible to be able to take vacations. At the moment it seems like they'll be small forever - but in reality, they'll be grown and gone before you know it. Stuff will always be waiting for you to buy. Time with the kids won't always be available. Take the trip. Make the memories while you can. I'd be honored to help you create some fantastic memories for your family in 2017 and beyond. 317.776.1733

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Holiday Travel with Children

Holiday Travel with Children

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. During this time of year, we plan and prepare our family visits, dinner meals and gift-giving and forget one of the most important things- preparing for holiday travel with children. Whether you are driving or flying to your final holiday destinations, be prepared with these helpful tips so that you and your precious cargo arrive safely and happily.

Plan, plan and plan. It’s never too early to prepare yourself. Make sure everyone knows the holiday schedule. Get things prepared ahead of time at your final destination.  Get Aunts and Uncles to purchase baby needs like diapers, milk and baby essentials. Download or rent their favorite movies and music. Pack the ever so loved stuff animal and blankets.

Driving? Get directions ahead of time. Cars these days are loaded with a GPS system. If yours does not have one, get one. Check weather and road conditions for any delays or closed roads. Pack the car with plenty of mobile toys, movies, snacks and drinks. Plot put rest stops.

Flying? The best time to fly with the little ones is in the morning or around their nap time. Shoot for direct flights if possible. If you can, grab a bulk seat for the extra leg room or upgrade your seat to one. This is important if you plan on a carseat in flight. Otherwise, prepare your little tike to kick the seat in front or the seat in front on your child when they lean back.

Packing. It never fails. You always end up forgetting something that because a major importance in your child’s happy stay at grandma’s house. Creating a list an organizing is key. Decide on how many suitcases to pack especially now being that there is a hefty charge for checked bags. Assign bags accordingly. Pack in advance. Always pack a carry-on bag filled with must items just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

Entertainment. “Are we there yet?” is a common questions by everyone- old or young. Pack the cars with toys, books and movies. Play games with passerby cars and towns. In flight, tablets, iPods and portable DVD’s should be loaded with all their favorites.  And always, hide emergency toys and games for when they really get bored with what’s already available.

No matter what, traveling is taxing on everyone no matter what their age is. During your trip, talk to your little ones about what they are going to experience. Who they are going to see. And what they are going to do once they arrive. Sometimes, with a little conversation, it will continue the holiday spirit in them and soon enough you’ll be at your final destination with a very happy, and excited child. Plus, as parents, you’ll be excited to see them so happy.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Season’s Greetings… Happy Holidays to all. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Precious Cargo Aboard

Family vacations are a time to slow down our busy lives and create memories for a lifetime. But air travel with children can sometimes throw a wrench into the fun. Don’t spoil event- be prepared with these helpful tips from a Dad that’s been there, done that.

Schedule flights for the morning, as the likelihood for these to be delayed is slim. Plus, your little energizer bunny will be ready to take his or her nap once on board. If you can’t leave in the morning, try to schedule the flight around your child’s naptime.

Shoot for direct flights. Even though my last toddler adventure was now years ago, it was for a combination of long flights to get to our final destination, plus a longish layover in between. The 12 hours of travel time was coupled with 2 1/2 hours on the front end getting to the airport plus maneuvering through security with all of the "gear" in tow. Needless to say, my tiny tot slept for nearly the entire flight once we were onboard.

Get there early if your little one is walking. Let them burn off some energy. Plus, they won’t feel too restricted if they were mobile before getting on the plane.

Grab the bulkhead if possible. If your infant or toddler will have a seat, go bulkhead. The rows are so narrow that when the passenger who is in front of your child, leans back- forget about it. Your tot who was very content in his own seat is now being knocked over and over again.

It is recommended that children sit in their own car seat during air travel even though infants through age 2 can fly free on an adult’s lap. I’m all for making full use of freebies whenever possible, but if the flight is longer than 3 hours - I’m buying a seat.  Happy baby, happy flight.

Security checkpoint- go through the family line. This is usually the same line as used by airline security. Also, follow the TSA guidelines for liquids and other essentials and you’ll be golden. Check it out:

As long as you are prepared for the adventures of traveling with your little bundle of joy - the journey itself can be relatively enjoyable.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Cruising with Kids

Week after week your days are filled with work and school days. Family time is limited to being together for dinner, if that, and the calendar never seems to stop being filled up with some sort of “must-do” activity.  Are you tired of this typical routine, shuttling the kids around to this activity and the next, all while you yourself are off to this club or board meeting, volunteer activities and so much more?  You want a vacation, but the thought of a “family destination” that will only keep you in long boring lines of cranky tourists, waiting to board a 3 minute-or-less attraction only makes you cringe. Then it’s time to make a change in your vacation thinking.

Why not make the whole family happy, from the kids to the grandparents? It’s time to look at cruising – not only is it the best vacation value around, but everyone in the family has a great time. Cruise lines know that kids need to be occupied, and they also know that parents need a break. So how can one vacation accomplish both needs?

The new megaships are built for families in mind. Parents can sit by the pool while their kids are enjoying the water slides and fun activities, and the best part is there is no extra charge for the fun. If your kids are more adventurous, why not check out the many other activities available onboard. How about rock climbing, surfing, zip lining, basketball, putt-putt golf, bungee jumping, ice skating, game rooms, bowling and more! Yes, you can do all these activities on a ship!

But wait, there’s more! Are you looking for a few hours to chill by the pool, get a massage or simply want to take a spin class? While you do that, your children will be occupied with learning and enriching activities. There is a program for children of all ages. Examples of some of the fun in store at the kids’ camps include:

  • Toddlers (ages 2-5) – splash pool, fun family games, cartoon time, toys, learn your colors, counting games, sponge painting, indoor beach parties, pizza pig out, drawing contests, sing-alongs, bingo, face painting, arts and crafts, cookie decorating

  • Juniors (ages 6-8) – talent show, face painting, cartoon time, indoor fair, sea animals, trivia, ice cream sundaes, cookie decorating, button making, puppet show, beach party, outdoor fun and games

  • Intermediate (ages 9-12) – t-shirt painting, photography, jewelry making, board games, dance class, video game tournament, ping pong, talent show, volleyball, show time, scavenger hunts, meet the entertainers back stage, breakfast fun

  • Teens (ages 13-15) – ping pong, pool party, teen dance, dance class, talent show, pizza party, indoor beach party, skin care and hair-dressing demonstration, photography

There are plenty of cruise lines that provide the right experiences and environment where the kids are more than welcome aboard, with exciting destinations in 3, 4, 5, 7 night or more itineraries. Just to name a few, check out Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian and of course Disney to see all of the great family-friendly activities.

Cruising is not just for adults anymore – it’s the vacation where EVERYONE gets to have fun.