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Monday, October 21, 2019

I Don't Control The Weather. NO Travel Agent Does.

"Blessed are the flexible, for they won't get bent out of shape." Sage advice from a wonderful mentor and friend.

When traveling, ALWAYS remember neither you nor the pilots are in control of the weather. Tonight, my connecting flight from Denver took off just fine, and everything seemed fine, until lo and behold the pilot came on close to when we should be landing in Indy and announced we were diverted back to Denver due to weather in Chicago closing that airport and routing everything they could to Indy before it closes for the night (last flights in at 1am). So I'm stuck in Denver, with an important meeting in Indy tomorrow evening. With so many flights to have to re-accommodate, pretty much all flights out in the morning were already sold out by the time I inched up the customer service line. But unlike the people in the line to my left berating the rep, I smiled and was very nice and polite. I thanked her for staying late to help us and get us all to our destinations. I said I didn't care what route, just that I would like to be back in time for my meeting if at all possible. She said she'd try. While the couple to my left continued to yell when they wouldn't be able to get home until Tuesday at the earliest, suddenly my rep said a single seat was found on a flight out tomorrow morning. It's not ideal, taking me to Tampa first before Indy, but it will get me home in time for my meeting.
Remember none of us control the weather, and so don't get so uptight when frustrations arise. Roll with the punches and smile. No one likes spending the night in an airport, but I'd rather do that than wait until Tuesday or even Wednesday to get the flight "I want". The folks working the counters are people too. Treat them as such and you'll get farther with them than berating them and treating them like dogs.