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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tiips on Thursday - Marriage Licenses Abroad

Looking to get married abroad?  Destination Weddings are a very popular way for couples to celebrate their love and tie the knot these days.  But before you decide 100% that a Destination Wedding is the way you would like to go, there are a few legalities that you must be aware of.  But have no fear, when you work with Cruise Planners, we can assist you in obtaining a marriage license in most destinations for an additional processing fee.  Once the wedding has been reserved, Destination Weddings by Cruise Planners will send the bridal couple detailed marriage license requirements.  Bridal couples booked for a legal wedding are responsible for fulfilling the marriage license requirements for their desired wedding destination.  All applications and appropriate documents should be received sixty (60) days prior to the vacation date to avoid late fees.  Please note that in some destinations, the courts are closed on weekends as well as local and national holidays. Some may charge additional weekend or holiday fees.  Couples providing their own marriage license must present it to the marriage officiant prior to the ceremony.

Certified Copies

A certified copy has a raised seal or stamp.  It must be the original certified copy.  Certified copies of birth/death certificates may usually be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics in the state where the birth/death occurred. A certified divorce decree may usually be obtained from the courthouse that presided over the divorce.  All documentation in another language other than English, must be legally translated and notarized.

A seal that authenticates the document for use abroad.

Wedding couples that reside in Europe who will have their wedding performed in the United States or St. Thomas may need to acquire an apostille for an additional fee.  The apostille is verification from the United States Government that the marriage license is a true and legal document.  All couples should check with their local marriage bureau to see if this document is necessary for them to register the marriage in their country of residence.

Note:  Prior to the wedding, couples are encourage to contact their nearest agency to verify if additional documentation is required to register their marriage in their country of residence.  Please speak to your Cruise Planners advisor or an event manager for further details or please contact a licensing coordinator should you have any questions at