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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Private Beaches & Luxury Villas

Let's talk about luxury villas...which could make for the perfect multi-generational family vacation, but also for a corporate sales incentive, board retreat, or other team gatherings where a traditional hotel might not be the best choice.

When looking for a luxury villa rental we know that ultimate privacy, seclusion, and peace and quiet are top of mind. Each villa featured here is located in lush and hidden landscapes, many of which even have their own private beach, far away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle compared to a hotel or resort.
Antigua | Barbados | Belize | Cayman Islands | Costa Rica | Fiji | Mexico - Punta Mita and Riviera Maya | Saint Martin | Turks & Caicos | US Virgin Islands | and many other locales are available!
When you're tired of the same old thing, looking for a more unique experience, reach out and let me know. We have a plethora of luxury vacation packages and rentals like these available. | 317.776.1733 |

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Resevations Now Open for Celebrity's Newest Ship - Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge sets sail on Dec. 16, 2018. Reservations opened today for this amazing new ship, that will revolutionize cruising once again. Contact me at 317.776.1733 for info and pricing or Alternating between the eastern and western Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale, this new ship shouldn't be missed.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013 - Bring on the Fun

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been a crazy holiday season for my family and I, but it’s over, and we’re now into a new year.  2012 is officially in the record books, and the blank canvas that is 2013 looks to be an exceptionally fun, exciting, and possibly interesting picture that we’ll be painting over the next 12 months.  Along the path throughout 2012, we saw and experienced a variety of changes that we did not foresee back in January a year ago – so here on just the third day of January, I can definitely say that what we currently THINK the year-end picture will be, will undoubtedly only be a shadow of what it truly will become.

Some of the highlights of 2012 include planning quite a few multi-generational family vacations for clients, along with various anniversary trips and the like.  Our business has grown in various ways, and we are very grateful for each and every twist and turn in the road that has spurred that growth.  Our Facebook page growth has been phenomenal in the number of fans and followers, as well as the growth we’ve experienced in other online platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more. 

It has been very gratifying to be able to help families and individuals put together vacation plans that will help them create memories to last a lifetime.  From those couples traveling without children, to the groups of friends traveling for Girlfriends Getaways or simply couples traveling together, our knowledge and experience within industry just continues to grow.  We have become trusted resources for many throughout this past year, and look to continue the upward trend in the coming year.  With an online presence reaching into homes in more than 75% of the states within these United States, and a variety of nations beyond our borders thanks to this blog, we are finding clients from all across the country coming to us for assistance in putting together their vacations.  For that we are very grateful.  We can’t go beyond North America (by nature of the rules of the various vendors with which we work), but it is exciting to see how people find us from all around the globe.  As that famous (or infamous) song that the Sherman brothers wrote for Walt Disney back in 1964 says, it really is a small world after all! 

Thanks to each one of you who subscribe to this blog, and to those of you who have opted to get updates by email or RSS.  We truly appreciate your readership, and hope that you will continue to do so in 2013.  I’ve said it before, and truly hope to be able to act upon it this year – I look forward to expanding what is shared in this space, including having some guest contributors in the hopefully not too distant future.  

With that I will bid you all a happy, safe, peaceful and prosperous New Year. 

Until next time,