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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Alaska in the Winter is SO WORTHWHILE!

A great big thank you to Greatland Adventures and Anchorage AWE for an amazing time north of Anchorage seeking out the Aurora Borealis! This was a fabulous familiarization trip to Alaska, and I am so grateful to have experienced it for myself. Wonderful memories of that late-night trek will be cherished for years to come!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Iditarod 48

Iditarod48 has kicked off with the ceremonial opening! The 50th running is in two years... Who'd like to experience it? I'd love to come back!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Such Amazing Beauty When You Come to Anchorage in Winter

Not my pictures since I flew overnight, but these are from one of my FAM colleagues who arrived in Anchorage this morning. Such amazing beauty when you come to Anchorage in winter. And the Iditarod is a great reason to come in winter!

Just How Big is Alaska?

How well do you know Alaska? It's pretty big! The state itself is huge. The city of Anchorage alone is 1,961 sq miles...or about the size of the state of Delaware!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

It's Adventure Time!

It's ADVENTURE time! I'm heading out to make another bucket list dream item come true, and enhance my knowledge of the destination for my guests. Always be learning. And having fun. I'm headed to Anchorage and the start of the Iditarod. I'll be sure to share some of my adventures along the way.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Time to Say Farewell...for Now!

Our chariot is here, ready for the nice, long flight home. See you all tomorrow (though for us it'll be a repeat of today! 😀). ADVENTURE!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Scheduling an Overnight Stay in Sydney But NOT Going to the Harbor? I Think Not!

Seeing Sydney was not part of our scheduled agenda, just dinner upon arrival...but this adventurer led the rebellion. Our hotel was an airport hotel and just a short drive to Circular Quay, and most of us had not been to Sydney before. We HAD to see the Opera House and the bridge at the very least! Most of our group made the quick trip and it was awesome!!

Just Passing the Time

I never could connect to the WiFi on Virgin Australia so I couldn't watch a movie on our flight to Sydney, but I did have fun tracking our flight via screenshot. Darwin to Sydney is a 3.5 hr flight, and Sydney is 1.5 hours ahead of Darwin. We left at 2:30 pm and were scheduled to arrive at 7 pm, but with lots of wind storms, we didn't arrive until after 8:15 pm...lots of circling waiting to land.

Fun for the Community!

During my walkabout in Darwin, I came across this fun, big, yellow box. Inside were some fun games. What a great way to spend a lunch break!


Exploring Darwin - Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing

On Thursday, we enjoyed a slower morning with a full circuit on the Hop On Hop Off bus around Darwin. Following that, we separated and walked around the CBD (central business district) and did some shopping, or dining, or exploring as we saw fit before heading to the airport for our flight to Sydney. More street art, and some nice views of the water and some historic buildings. Darwin is a nice, and easily navigable city.



Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One of My Favorite Memories of my Down Under Adventure

During our visit to Top Didj, we listened to Manuel share information about his people, the Dalabon people. He spoke and sung to us in his language, and then gave us an Aboriginal art lesson. We got to paint something in the Dalabon style, which is uniquely different from other people groups' styles. It was frustratingly fun, and one of my favorite memories from this adventure.

This & That from the Outback

Living in the land down under... it's just another condiment option at every hotel's breakfast bar! Spread it THINLY on toast. Never overdo it!

It's another warm one here in the NT, and at 4pm we're still not to the day's top temperature. But it's a dry heat so it's tolerable. Add the humidity that comes in the summer and it would just be miserable. For now, we're all staying hydrated and are as clear and copious as possible, moving into the shade whenever possible, keeping our sunnies on, and regularly applying the suncream. This Scouter has been helping ensure that we've all been just fine.

And below is a compilation of signs from our hike yesterday in Maguk... ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings! Crocs can be anywhere. And most important...whatever you do...

never smile at a crocodile, no you can't get friendly with a crocodile... 


In the afternoon we arrived at Nitmiluk National Park and our Lodge for the night. We went over to the boat launch to enjoy a cruise and hike between two of the 13 gorges that make up Katherine Gorge (two cruise experiences with a hike between each gorge to get from boat to boat). It was a nice and relaxing time after much go, go, go the past few days. Not much wildlife but we did see our first freshwater crocodile.

After our two-gorge cruise and hike, we hiked back to the first gorge and were picked up by the dinner boat and then enjoyed a nice, three-course candlelight dinner cruise back through the first gorge. What an amazing adventure that was! Our own real-life "jungle cruise" has happened multiple times and in multiple ways this week. I love it. Plus, while I couldn't get great photos of them, last night was our first time to be in total darkness, and enjoy a beautifully decorated starry sky! It was simply stunning. So many wonderful experiences that you too could enjoy here in the top end of Australia's outback. And at the end of the evening, though my camera didn't capture them very well, the starfield was incredible as there was absolutely zero light pollution in the gorge. Stunning to enjoy looking at, for certain!






Sunday, October 13, 2019

Leaving Darwin. More Outback Adventures

G'day from Darwin. We're on the move today headed out to our next location in the NT.

It's warmed up a little more, on its way to 103 this afternoon.

Our first stop after leaving Darwin took us to the Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River, where they truly aren't kidding about keeping your hands, arms, feet, legs, and heads inside the boat at ALL times! 

As we progressed further into the Outback, hiking and swimming were on our agenda after we arrived at the Maguk Barramundi Gorge. The water was quite refreshing with 104-degree temps...but it was a nice dry heat as the humidity hasn't arrived yet - that comes with the wet season which is their summer. As the wet season arrives, they'll layer on about 85% humidity or higher.