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Sunday, October 21, 2012

If You've Been Wanting to Sail... Now's the Time to Get Booked

Starting today and lasting until next Saturday, October 27th, all the major cruise lines are putting the spotlight on sales!  It's National Cruise Vacation Week, and the best deals are being rolled out just for YOU!  So if you've been considering a cruise vacation - now is really the best time to act and get yourself booked.  Whether it's with Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean or any of the the other lines, I can help you find the deal that's right for you.  So act soon and contact me by phone, email, Facebook, or my website, and let's see what we can do to help your family and friends be saying BON VOYAGE to you soon!  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cruisin' It

When looking back to see what my last actual “stopher’s stuff” entry was – I see that I began it this way… “I am not complaining about being busy!  What an exciting feeling it is to be busy week in and week out, and hopefully it will continue and only get busier!”  And I saw that the date of that entry was August 27th.  WOW!  More than an entire month has gone by since I specifically wrote a “stopher’s stuff” update – and that statement remains so very true.  I have been so busy, in so many ways.  But it’s all good, and I truly am not complaining about it, just commenting. 

September was filled with a variety of different meetings.  Meetings with clients and potential clients; with vendors and potential vendors;  with experts in fields such as web design, SEO, advertising and so much more.  And that’s just on the business side of my life.  When you factor in all of the regular family things, and Scouting things, plus the extras here and there for both family and Scouts – and yes, WOW is definitely the case.  I felt at times like I was running on auto-pilot, while other times I would feel like I was trying to climb a hill in my car and was a) nearly out of gas and b) close to overheating the engine.  But here we are at the end of one month and the beginning of another – and I made to the top of the hill without running out of fuel or overheating!  That’s a good feeling. 

October will be filled with a different variety of things.  First and foremost – October is National Cruise Vacation Month according to CLIA, the Cruise Line International Association of which I’m a member.  It is the second largest cruise “sale time” of the year.  (The largest comes in January – March with what’s known as WAVE Season and all of the best deals are presented).  But being the second largest, October still features a great deal of terrific offers and discounts.  It also features the “National Cruise Vacation Week”, during the third full week of October or October 21-27 that will have the most and best deals of any single week throughout the entire year.  I will also be hosting a “Cruise Night” during that week where people can come and learn about cruising, have some fun, capitalize on some great specials only available during that week, and possibly win some prizes.  I’m looking forward to hosting that event! 

But October will also be filled with a different bit of fun for my wife and I as well.  We’ll be setting sail on the Disney Magic for a fun-filled, 7-night voyage through the Western Caribbean.  We’re really looking forward to it.  To getting to see and experience the ship for ourselves, and better be able to talk about it when we return; but also to be able to have some down-time.  Some alone time together.  And some fun in the sun.  So be sure to watch for featured information about the ship and our voyage in a couple of weeks.  We’ll be taking lots of pictures! 

Until next time,