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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Lego Fun from Down Under

As the snow falls outside, I'm having fun inside thinking back on my outback adventure during 2019, while building my Sydney Lego set, and pondering 2020 adventures to come.

Monday, March 25, 2013

stopher's stuff - Snow Surprise

The calendar tells us that it is spring.  Mother Nature is saying something completely different right now, however, here in Central Indiana.  It was 47 and beautiful – sunny with nary a cloud in the sky on Saturday.  Sunday we woke up to about an inch of snow with grey clouds all day.  By about 7 pm the snow was falling again, but then much harder.  It has snowed throughout the night, and we’re now facing many inches of snow in the yard and all around.  I love the snow.  But not once we’re actually into a different season – where it doesn’t really “belong.”  Today actually marked the first snow day of the school year for us, and here we are just days before the start of spring break. Whatever. 

  I have a lot to get done for clients, as well as preparing for a Senior Resource Fair that I am participating in this week, but I think I might just take a little time to go out and enjoy the snow for a while. But not long though... because it IS spring, and snow belongs in winter. My kids normally love to have the snow, but even my daughter, who is the most ardent fan, wishes it wasn’t here now.  My middle son definitely has the opportunity to make a few bucks shoveling snow for neighbors one last time this season… or IS it the last time this season?  This is Indiana after all, where if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it’ll most likely change! 
Wishing you a wonderful spring…if it ever actually decides to settle in.

Until next time,