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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

At Home or Abroad, I Can Definitely Make Fire with Sticks!

Another favorite of this adventure came at the Aboriginal Culture center when I made

🔥 with sticks, the Aboriginal way!

Thanks to Scouts, Summer Camp, and Firecrafter I've done it with a bow and spindle before, but not just with my bare hands and the spindle! It was awesome! Fabulous memories were made on this adventure across the Northern Territory.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why I Do Scouting

For the past decade or so Father's Day has meant heading off to Summer Camp. It's been a wonderful part of my life, as I've enjoyed camp with both of my sons... and several dozen other "sons" through all of those years. This year Matthew surprised me, upon returning home from camp, with my Father's Day gift..this little video that he put together while we were at camp this year - and then shared with the entire Troop last night at our meeting.
This guy is proud of that guy, and all of his mad, excellent skills - and of course, a little misty-eyed too when I first watched it. All of the guys in this video - and all of the other guys not in it but part of my overall decade-long Ransburg adventure - have touched my life in so many wonderful ways. And as a friend of mine within the Troop likes to say about all of the things he does for the youth of the Troop, I only hope that someday these guys will think back fondly on good old Mr. Lingren.

Monday, March 18, 2013

stopher's stuff - Spring Means Busy

When I was young, I loved the advent of spring, simply because it meant that school would be getting out for the summer in just a couple of more months.  In those couple of months we’d also have what was then known as Easter Vacation (since it always came the week leading up to or the week directly following Easter Sunday), and voila, the time would start to fly by.  Factor in a few end of year events, academic testing and some special reward trips for a good results during the school year, and wow, summer was pretty much on the horizon with lazy days ahead.  Fast forward a few decades, and the spring for me as an adult does not have a similar meaning at all.  Sure there will be a few lazy days mixed in during the summer… but honestly I have more lazy, relaxing days in the winter than I do in the summer these past few years.
Spring is starting to arrive in noticeable measure around my town.  Flowers are beginning to show up here and there, and trees are getting ready to burst forth their flowers and leaves.  Birds are chirping everywhere, as nests are starting to be built.  It is a nice time of year.

Spring is also a time that many families turn their thoughts towards planning a vacation – though typically not for the current year.  Many are already planning for the following year, as the first few months of the year typically produce the best bargains for cruise lines and many land destinations.  By booking in advance, families are able to lock in great rates, and then pay the cost over time as their family budget allows, which certainly beats plopping down a large sum all at once.  Although, every so often, there will be that family who either doesn’t want to plan that far in advance, can’t plan that far in advance, or simply doesn’t realize the value or benefit of advance planning. 
In my business I certainly encounter both – those planning for the vacations in 2015 already, and those who want to take the kids and grandkids to Walt Disney World with almost no advance notice.  In fact, I’ve even had a client call me up about two weeks prior to departure to make their WDW reservation, and not even book it until just 72 hours prior to check-in, taking time to debate and decide what they really wanted in regards to accommodations, theme park entries and dining plan options.  Granted as many WDW veterans know, that extreme laissez-faire mentality of waiting until the very last moment and essentially just showing up, letting the theme park experience play itself out as the days go by doesn’t truly jibe in the 21st century as it did throughout the last half of the 20th century.  As much as I love spontaneity in my Disney theme park days, a vacation to Walt Disney World truly does take a bit more advanced planning than 2 weeks prior.  But, when duty calls, as a travel professional, I do what it takes to make my clients happy.  So while that spontaneous client got to enjoy the beginning of spring at one of my favorite places, I’m busy helping many others put their vacation plans into place for not just spring, but summer, fall & winter in the current year, as well as the next two coming years. 

For me, spring will be full of trade & vendor events, family activities, business trips and the continued planning and preparation for my annual trek into the woods with about a hundred Scouts and Adults leaders for Summer Camp.  I’m not complaining about busy.  I’m thankful to have many wonderful things to do and to occupy my time, but those lazy, relaxing days of summer that are so enjoyed by children… sigh… I won’t get those lazy, relaxing days for another 3 seasons yet.  
Wishing you a wonderful spring!

Monday, March 4, 2013

stopher's stuff - Rentals, Scouts & More

Another week has come and gone, and once again it’s Monday morning.  For many it’s the start of a work week, for others in a less “traditional” schedule – this could very well be the last day of your work week.  It does seem more and more that I’ve been encountering a greater deal of “flex” schedules since I have been self-employed.  Not as many Monday to Friday folk as I once knew.  Personally my work week entails some of every day of the week, though I don’t put in the same hours each day of the week.  Since I tend to meet clients and take their calls or reply to their emails when possible, I could be in front of my computer at many times throughout the week that are non-traditional.  But then I’m also flexible enough to spend time with my family and work on our other venture throughout the week as week.  This past week, once again, saw me spending a fair amount of time in the bathroom… of our rental house once more.  However instead of installing floor tile, this past week I have been re-installing cove molding, fixing a couple of leaky valves, painting and installing new faucets.  All in the spirit of getting the house ready to rent out – and bonus, prospective tenants are coming to look at it this week!  The hard work may pay off soon.  We’re excited about that. 

As many my faithful readers know, I’m very involved in the Boy Scouts of America, and it is once again, the Summer Camp season.  As the Summer Camp Director for our Troop – a large Troop who annually takes upwards of 95+ boys to  camp, plus several dozen adult leaders… the planning and preparation for it can be daunting for the uninitiated, but for me, it’s old hat.  I’ve done this for 5 years now, and have fairly regular routines of what needs to be done and when.  There are lots of details to pay close attention to, such as deposit deadlines to the Council, ordering of new Class B T-Shirts, and more… but everything pretty much happens in a certain timetable.  Mobilizing a large group can certainly be difficult, when you don’t have a good system.  Thankfully years of practice have allowed me to put together a very good system.  Once again I am very much looking forward to spending a week in the woods come mid-June. 

And finally, I mailed out my announcement/support letter for my upcoming mission trip to Kenya this October.  Raising money has never been my forte, but then, it’s not about me.  I have been praying about this trip for 2 years now, and believe that God has been calling me to go.  So with God behind it, I’m not overly concerned about the funds.  They will be provided by those who feel called to participate in it.  I’m looking forward to experiencing Africa and all that this trip entails.  October seems so far away right now… but it really isn’t – 7 months will fly by, no doubt. 

Until next time – make it a great week.  Do something positive for someone else.