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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Packing Tips Revisited

Packing Tips Revisited

Packing for a cruise vacation is like packing for any resort-based vacation.  You'll want to bring comfortable, casual clothing for daytime on board and in port, and swimsuits and workout clothes for pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and fitness centers.  Dressing for dinner tends to involve long pants, and often suits & ties, dresses or more formal wear. 

Think about the kind of shore excursions you plan to take and pack accessories, where appropriate, such as hiking boots, ponchos or rain gear, fleece jackets and snorkel gear.  When traveling to tropical areas, such as in Central and South America, it's a good idea to carry insect repellent.   Bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses for bright, sunny days on deck. You'll have many opportunities to have your picture taken by the ship's photographers, but you'll naturally want to bring your own camera or video camera as well.  Be sure to bring along extra batteries, your charger(s) and any extra digital tapes or memory cards too.

Most ships have 110-volt outlets in every cabin, which will accommodate U.S.-built hairdryers, travel irons and electric shavers.  Most new ships provide hairdryers as well.  When packing your toiletries and medications, be sure  to put all medications, prescription or otherwise, in a bag you can carry on to your flight and be sure to obtain extra prescriptions from your physician for any medications you are currently taking and carry them with you.  Remember that you and your luggage will be separated for several hours before it is placed in your stateroom, so be sure to pack a daypack or small duffle with what you’ll need when you first board the ship until your luggage is once again available to you.  Having your swimwear inside the daypack is a fantastic idea!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Holiday Travel with Children

Holiday Travel with Children

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. During this time of year, we plan and prepare our family visits, dinner meals and gift-giving and forget one of the most important things- preparing for holiday travel with children. Whether you are driving or flying to your final holiday destinations, be prepared with these helpful tips so that you and your precious cargo arrive safely and happily.

Plan, plan and plan. It’s never too early to prepare yourself. Make sure everyone knows the holiday schedule. Get things prepared ahead of time at your final destination.  Get Aunts and Uncles to purchase baby needs like diapers, milk and baby essentials. Download or rent their favorite movies and music. Pack the ever so loved stuff animal and blankets.

Driving? Get directions ahead of time. Cars these days are loaded with a GPS system. If yours does not have one, get one. Check weather and road conditions for any delays or closed roads. Pack the car with plenty of mobile toys, movies, snacks and drinks. Plot put rest stops.

Flying? The best time to fly with the little ones is in the morning or around their nap time. Shoot for direct flights if possible. If you can, grab a bulk seat for the extra leg room or upgrade your seat to one. This is important if you plan on a carseat in flight. Otherwise, prepare your little tike to kick the seat in front or the seat in front on your child when they lean back.

Packing. It never fails. You always end up forgetting something that because a major importance in your child’s happy stay at grandma’s house. Creating a list an organizing is key. Decide on how many suitcases to pack especially now being that there is a hefty charge for checked bags. Assign bags accordingly. Pack in advance. Always pack a carry-on bag filled with must items just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

Entertainment. “Are we there yet?” is a common questions by everyone- old or young. Pack the cars with toys, books and movies. Play games with passerby cars and towns. In flight, tablets, iPods and portable DVD’s should be loaded with all their favorites.  And always, hide emergency toys and games for when they really get bored with what’s already available.

No matter what, traveling is taxing on everyone no matter what their age is. During your trip, talk to your little ones about what they are going to experience. Who they are going to see. And what they are going to do once they arrive. Sometimes, with a little conversation, it will continue the holiday spirit in them and soon enough you’ll be at your final destination with a very happy, and excited child. Plus, as parents, you’ll be excited to see them so happy.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Season’s Greetings… Happy Holidays to all. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Dress Codes by Day and Night

Dress Codes by Day and Night Onboard

Cruising can be a lot of fun, but for many, it can be a bit vexing when the subject of what to pack and wear comes up.  Throughout the daytime hours, shipboard dress is casual.  Even in the dining room, shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable, however, as evening rolls around, and it’s time for dinner, dress codes will vary daily.  Each cruise line is different The most common evening attire includes:

  • ·         Casual: Slacks and sport shirt for men (no jeans); slacks and blouse, sundress or pantsuit for women.
  • ·         Informal: Jacket with or without tie for men; dress or pantsuit for women.
  • ·         Formal: Dark suit or tuxedo for men; evening gown or cocktail dress for women.

Most 3- and 4-night cruises have one formal night; most 7-night cruises have 2 formal nights;  most 10-night cruises have 3 formal nights, etc.  While it’s not a hard fast “rule” per se, in general the longer more expensive cruises (on a daily basis) will be the most formal on formal night, but a dark suit and tie is acceptable attire on even the most exclusive ships.  In other words, there’s truly no need to buy a tuxedo for a single cruise.  However if you truly want to don a tux, go for it if you plan to wear it over and over again – or – if only needing it once, many lines have formal-wear rentals onboard.  Be sure to inquire with your travel consultant about a specific line and itinerary’s evening attire policies. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Cruisin': What to Pack

It's been a very busy week so far, and in looking at the schedule for stopher's stuff, I realized I hadn't planned an entry for today's Tips on Thursday, essentially running out of time in advance trying to get some tips put together for today's entry, but lo and behold found this WONDERFUL post by my friends over at Special Needs at Sea.  It is full of terrific information about what to pack for your cruise or other vacation, especially if you or one of your traveling party has some sort of special needs.  Check it out!

The world is now more accessible than ever before. Twenty percent (62 million) of the U.S. population has some form of disability, and the number of these individuals is increasing daily. These people need to, want to, and can travel. If you’re part of that twenty percent, a world of travel awaits you. 

Special Needs at Sea is the leading global provider of special needs equipment for the travel industry, have unique, specialized knowledge about how to help individuals with disabilities enjoy a wonderful, hassle-free and memorable trip.  As a Certified Acessible Travel Advocate, we stand ready to help all of our clients make their travel dreams come true.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tips on Thursday - Cruise Packing Tips

Even in the largest villas and suites on a cruise, the closet space may be less than desirable. Maximize the smaller space with these great packing tips for those who have sailed the world. 

Pick the right suitcase
Some cruise lines are designing cabins that allow room underneath beds to accommodate larger bags. It the cabin does not allow this, pack things in a soft-side bag that can be flattened after you unpack.

Pack a Day Bag
These are great for carrying essentials around the ship and on shore excursions. Plus, use this as your carry-on bag since your actual luggage may take a few hours to arrive at your cabin.

Check the Cruise Ship Dress Code
Most cruise lines have detailed dress codes on their website. When in doubt, ask us. Most cruise lines now offer a more simplified dress code although formal nights are still available.

Board the Ship in Resort Casual Wear
Since it may take some time for your luggage to be delivered to your stateroom, aim to wear an outfit that may take you from day to nighttime. And pack your day bag with items that you may want to have available on your first day onboard the ship.

Plan your Vacation and Pack accordingly
Are you a lounger or will you be hitting every port ready to walk? Make a list of your activities and pack the additional gear needed so you are not missing out on an opportunity to experience the destination’s culture.

Bathrooms are even smaller. Most cruise lines provide the basic toiletries in travel-size packs such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Make sure you bring travel-size items that will carry you through the entire vacation. Consider a hanging bag that can easily be put behind doors to store your toiletries in.

For more information and to reserve your next vacation, contact me at 317.776.1733 or via my website.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter, like my page on Facebook, and circle me on Google+.