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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2021 Winter Travel Planner Magazine is Here!


Our newest digital issue of the Travel Planner magazine is here!

If YOU are comfortable and ready to travel, I'd love to help you plan your trip! This magazine is a great source of inspiration, with some great possibilities for land-based vacations that could be enjoyed now, and when the cruise lines are able to start sailing again...river cruises in the USA and in Europe and ocean cruises all over the world. Many of the offers are valid for booking before April 30th, others are through various dates in March. If you see something that intrigues you...ask me about it!
I know everyone has a different comfort level at this time, but please know that a wide range of travel opportunities can be booked for this year, next year, or even 2023. This 45-page e-zine will certainly give you some great ideas to ponder and dream about in the following categories dedicated to those regions or sub-regions.
• Let’s Go Caribbean & Mexico
• Let’s Go USA & Hawaii
• Let’s Go Alaska
• Let’s Go Exotics & Expeditions
• Let’s Go Europe
It also has several featurettes sprinkled throughout, with embedded YouTube videos to continue to spark your travel imagination! When you're ready to book, please reach out to me and I will be very happy to take care of all the details for you. Just click the image to explore and start dreaming! (Plus on page 3, you could register to win a 7-night AMA WATERWAYS river cruise for two! Must enter by April 30th)


Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Newest Travel Planner Magazine is Here - Digital Version

With 2020 basically a wash, are you ready to start on your 2021 vacation? The newest edition of our Travel Planner Magazine is hot off the digital press with the latest offers, specials, and promotions for a wide assortment of both land and cruise options which can be viewed right on my website. Remember...don't let the name of the travel franchise fool you - we book BOTH land and cruise vacations, and my team and I actually do book more land-based vacations than we do cruise-based, with a lot of our guests heading to Europe, Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Australia and the South Pacific each year! We are your LAND & Cruise Experts. We're grateful for the business that was booked for this year (sad it was mostly all canceled by COVID), and hope that you'll start planning with us for 2021 soon. Travel WILL resume. We WILL get beyond this virus. You WILL be able to enjoy traveling again sometime soon.

Click the link for your chance to win a 7-night cruise for two in a balcony!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Social Media & Us

Social media has definitely become a big part of marketing plans for companies big and small.  Communicating with customers and potential customers happens a lot on Twitter, Facebook, and others.  Don't miss the boat - literally!  Many of the best special offers - cruises, Disney destinations, Universal, river cruises & land tours - are announced on my social media outlets before they hit my website.

Have you found me on Facebook yet?  Have you liked it?  I would love to have you like my page and join the 150+ others who are seeing fun info, offers and destination highlights in that forum. (even if you don't cruise or go to any of the Disney destinations yourself). That added little bit of word of mouth and increase in "reach" is a wonderful thing. Numerous customers have found me because of Facebook!

How about Google+?  That medium hasn't grown as much as Facebook has yet, and I don't have nearly as many followers - but I am trying to "mix it up" and not share the same information on each site.  I would love to grow this presence as well.  Follow me or add me to your circles, and let's see how it grows.

What about Twitter?  I'm not quite as adept at the whole 140 characters or less thing, but there are posts beyond what feeds directly from my Facebook page.  While I know many of my followers, a great deal of those who follow my tweets found me thanks to their friends.

Signed up to receive the Cruise Planners Magazine yet?   Two issues per year, January and July.  If you sign up now, I can still get you a copy of the January issue, while supplies last. This 28 page magazine provides all kinds of special & exclusive offers only available through Cruise Planners.

How about the weekly ePostcard full of interesting, unique and exclusive Travel Deals sent directly to your email in-box?  We don't do "spam" - so you've got to opt-in yourself.  You'll even receive a confirmation message verifying that you want to receive this weekly email.  You can opt-out at any time... why not give it a try for yourself.  You never know when that "perfect for you offer" will arrive.

Each of these are free and available to you by a few quick clicks with your mouse.  Thanks for reading and following along in various ways. I appreciate it, and hope to be able to provide fantastic vacation offers to you, your family or friends in the months ahead.

Here's to the power of social media!

Tips on Thursday - Riding the Wave

Welcome to wave season - the best time to book your next cruise vacation. It happens every year. Between January through the end of March, all the cruise lines offer their very best deals of the year on cruises to just about every corner of the globe. There are some outstanding early booking incentives and extras that can vary from cruise line to cruise line. Some of the most common of the incentives include:
  • Special Pricing
  • Extra Value Offers
  • On-Board Credits
  • Cabin Upgrades (usually within the same category)
  • Reduced Deposits
  • On-Board Coupon Booklets
Family summer vacation to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean, sure why not? River cruise through Paris and Normandy, no problem. Cruise through the Mediterranean on the coolest ship ever, Norwegian Epic we’ve got it! Anniversary trip to a long dreamed about trek down under to Australia or New Zealand on Princess Cruises? OK! Taking a trek to the great northern wonderland of Alaska with Disney? No problem. 

If you haven't already received the January issue of the Cruise Planner Magazine, visit my website today to be sure and sign up for the next issue coming out in July. It's packed full of Wave Season specials that will get you thinking about your next vacation. And until then, why not sign-up for my weekly ePostcard, using the special "Travel Deals" green box here, which will provide 4-6 exclusive offers and discounts directly to your email's inbox each week. You never know when inspiration will strike and the sea calls you. Why not be ready to answer the call and this question:

Where would you like to go?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tips on Thursday - A Few Cruise Line Updates

For years I have followed Disney and a few other travel industry leaders in the news, on websites and lately in blogs.  Checking various Disney sites daily has been a practice of mine for the last 13 years.  And now here I am picking some items from time to time to share myself.  I’ve been doing a lot of it on Facebook, but today I choose to do so here.  Since I am a Cruise Planner, I decided to share these items with you regarding the cruise industry:
  • Princess Cruises has announced that they will be offering 10 itineraries to Hawaii, Tahiti and the South Pacific between fall 2012 and spring 2013. Princess will offer four ships sailing roundtrip to the Hawaii islands from Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition, the renovated Grand Princess will make debut voyages to Hawaii as part of its first West Coast season. In total, eight ships will sail on 56 voyages throughout the Pacific, including itineraries such as the 10-day “Tahiti & Polynesia” route that sails roundtrip from Papeete, Tahiti. An 11-day “Hawaii & Tahiti” itinerary offers the Hawaiian Islands and French Polynesia. And the 28-day “Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa” itinerary that debuted last season returns with two roundtrips from Los Angeles to American Samoa, visiting Hawaii and Tahiti along the way.
  • Crystal Cruises will be remodeling their ship, Symphony, during a $15 million dry dock scheduled for June 1 to 16. In just days at Germany’s Blohm + Voss shipyard, Crystal Cruises is redesigning the ship’s Avenue Saloon, Palm Court lounge, Galaxy showroom, Hollywood Theatre, Bridge Lounge, and Fantasia and Waves “junior cruisers” areas.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines announced the plans to return to the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles Port, sailing seven-day cruises. The dates released are limited and expected to to be in great demand:  Dec 22 & 29, 2013 and Mar 2 – Apr 13 2014.  

Be sure to check my Facebook page often for updates on specials, itineraries and other cool travel news.  Also, if you haven't already signed up to receive "The Cruise Planner Magazine", which is chock-full of specials, exclusives and free stuff.  The January issue includes a contest for a FREE 7 night cruise, and a FREE iPad - and yes, both items will be given away to some lucky individuals who register online at the published website address inside the magazine. Be sure to do so here.  The next issue will be sent out in July.